What do you need to start?

To get the best results we recommend you closely follow up these instructions.

You will need the following things:

  • A glass of boiled water to heat up the anti snoring mouthpiece.
  • A glass of cold water to harden the anti snoring mouthpiece.
  • A stopwatch to measure the seconds for every step.
  • A mirror to help you correctly place the anti snoring mouthpiece.

Instructions for adapting Mr. Anti Snore


1. Place the plastic spatula in the opening on the frontside of the anti snoring mouthpiece.snurkbeugel-op-maat-stap-2-mr-anti-snurk

2. Prepare two glasses of water; one with boiled hot water and one with cold water.


3. Let the boiled water cool down during 5 seconds. snurkbeugel-op-maat-stap-4-mr-anti-snurk

4. Immerse the anti snoring mouthpiece and let it lay under water during 30 seconds. (Let the spatula stick in the mouthpiece and out of the water).
IMPORTANT: Never place the anti snoring mouthpiece in boiling water.snurkbeugel-op-maat-stap-5-mr-anti-snurk

5. Now carefully retrieve the anti snoring mouthpiece form the water using the spatula and let the water drip off.
IMPORTANT: Don’t yet touch the anti snoring mouthpiece with your fingers and leave the spatula inside.snurkbeugel-op-maat-stap-6-mr-anti-snurk

6. Make sure your upper and lower incisive teeth are straight below each other and place the anti snoring mouthpiece in your mouth and make sure it’s fixed firmly. The spatula should be between your lips now.
IMPORTANT: Do not bite in the anti snoring mouthpiece.


7. Now suck the air out of the anti snoring mouthpiece with help from your tongue and lips. Use your tongue to adapt the anti snoring mouthpiece on the inside. Use your finder, cheeks and lips to adapt the outside of the anti snoring mouthpiece to your teeth.snurkbeugel-op-maat-stap-8-mr-anti-snurk

8. Let the anti snoring mouthpiece rest in your mouth during 1 minute.

Place the anti snoring mouthpiece in the glass of cold water during 2 minutes.

Ultimately, take out the anti snoring mouthpiece and place it in your mouth. Now Mr. Anti Snore should be fit comfortably in your mouth.

If you find that the anti snoring mouthpiece does not feel comfortable, please repeat the process until it does.

Maintenance of Mr. Anti Snore

Maintaining Mr. Anti Snore can considerably improve the lifespan of your anti snoring mouthpiece. Easily wash of Mr. Anti Snore with cold water after usage and keep it in the dust free box.

Keep Mr. Anti Snore in spaces with room temperatures lower than 38 degrees Celsius.